Kim was a consummate professional whose love of music, the orchestra, and his family motivated everything he did.  No one is more responsible for the Phil’s ascendance than he.  I am deeply grateful to have known him as a colleague and to have called him a friend.
~Michael Butterman

Kim Peoria was a consummate musician and professional. Rarely can one person wear both the hats of business and artistry, and rarer still to do both well. Kim was such a person, a brilliant musician and player, and a personnel manager who treated everyone with kindness, fairness and integrity.
~Charles Wetherbee

For many years, I had the privilege and pleasure of being Kim’s bassoon partner in the Boulder Philharmonic as well as many other groups. Together, we had the unique opportunity to perform some of the most beautiful and wonderful music ever written for the symphony orchestra. Kim’s keen skill as a player, his uncompromisingly high standards and his extraordinary musicianship served as an example for me from the very first day I played with him. Over the years, a unique intimacy develops as the result of sitting only a couple of feet away from one another sharing all that music between us. It’s hard to explain how such a relationship grows over time, but the way in which we learned to communicate non-verbally, how we knew each others’ playing so well and knew exactly when to support the other seemed to come so easily and naturally for us. Kim let me lean on him constantly, and that support allowed me to grow as a musician and human. We really were a fabulous pair. I miss my dear colleague, partner and friend so very much.
~Chuck Hansen

Kim took care of people. Musicians came first. Often funny, always honest, his uncompromising integrity came from his love of music and people.
~Katherine Lehman

Kim was one of the most capable and dependable people I have ever met. To say that he was the “glue” that held this orchestra (and the other organizations for which he worked) together doesn’t quite do justice to his talents. He had a unique intelligence that allowed him to see what needed to change and to find the most efficient way to fix it. I was always in awe of his organizational skills and how gracefully he could juggle logistics, in addition to being a meticulously prepared and beautiful bassoon player. He was quiet and reserved but approachable and a great listener. Kim also had excellent taste in beer and a deep love for his family. He left us far too soon, and I miss him terribly.
~Sarah Bierhaus

I will always remember Kim for his professionalism and dry sense of humor that would always show up at precisely the right time. He is and will be dearly missed.
~Aniel Caban

I knew Kim as an unfailingly kind and wonderfully professional musician, and I miss him!
~Leslie Sawyer

Kim made me feel like a welcome musician in the Denver/Boulder area, from my start at Boulder Phil in 2008 to the various jobs he managed that I still work for today. His professional, but somehow easygoing nature made for smooth services, and his sense of humor stuck with me the most in the short time I knew him. I will miss him, and all that he provided for me as a musician.  I can imagine it will be the same for all the groups he tended in our local classical music community.
~Veronica Sawarynski

I will remember Kim for his wonderful sense of humor and his ability to tell a joke with a completely straight face, which could instantly brighten anyone’s day. He was a wonderful musician and a great administrator and his humor and compassion will be missed by everybody who knew him.
~Olga Shilaeva

Kim was one of my favorite people in the orchestra. His excellent musicianship shone through at every performance. As personnel manager, he was both kind and straightforward, making sure things ran smoothly, a no-fuss person who always made me smile just by being himself. He is much missed.
~Malva Tarasewicz

He was a first rate musician and a bassoonist as well as an expert administrator and manager, but most importantly, a dear friend. All those years of putting up his famously stubborn facade never fooled us — because we have seen the warmth and humor between him and his wife Ingrid, glimpsed the tenderness in his eyes when speaking of his son Joe — into knowing him as anything other than a man of great affection and pride, uncompromising in his standards and sense of duty to the art. We miss him.
~Charles Lee and Eleanor Wells

Kim will be missed by all who knew him. He put a lot of work and heart into our orchestra and we will always remember him.
~Yenlik Weiss

Kim was an incredibly brave soul and an inspiration to me.  I miss him very much.
~Cyndi Mancinelli

Kim was honest and kind and a man of integrity. He made the music scene in Denver a better place. Kim was a good friend and a fine musician. He will be greatly missed.
~Michelle Orman

Kim was so instrumental in the music scene here in Colorado in every possible way, and he truly helped shape our community to what it is today. It is an honor to have known and worked with Kim, and he will truly be missed.
~Sharon Park

Kim Peoria was a terrific bassoonist.  He had a very important voice in the orchestra and he always sounded great.  He was also a good friend and kind person at all times.  His musicianship and generous spirit are missed very much.
~Sarah Delevoryas

Kim never wore his heart on his sleeve, but I’m pretty sure that’s because it wouldn’t fit there.  He is missed by us all.
~Michael Yopp

With all his other sterling qualities, I admire Kim’s work, support and love for the Boy Scouts, especially his own Eagle Scout, Joe.
~Doug Walter

We are all mourning loss of the personal and musical voice of Kim in our organization. He was a beloved colleague and is missed terribly.
~Stephanie Zelnick