Boulder Philharmonic Administrative Staff

Mimi Kruger, Executive Director

Jesse Gilday, Director of Development

Aspen McArthur, Director of Artistic Administration & Orchestra Librarian

Fernanda Nieto, Director of Education and Community Engagement

Bron Wright, Personnel Manager

Adam Snider and Chris Martin, Production Managers

Nic Lussier, Sales and Communications Manager

Rosie Harris, Marketing and Design Manager

Sam Macken, Development Assistant

Sophie Oehlers Maeda, Artistic Coordinator

Abby Kellems, Education, Artistic Administration, and Library Intern

Boulder Philharmonic Artistic Staff

Michael Butterman, Music Director
Gary Lewis, Principal Guest Conductor
Renee Gilliland, Assistant Conductor

Boulder Philharmonic Board of Trustees

Judy Knapp, President
Stephen Miller, Vice President
Charlotte Roehm, Secretary
Thomas Kinder, Treasurer
Jessica Bauters
Michael Brook
Michael Butterman, ex officio
Claire Figel
David Fulker
Marilyn Gallant
Mimi Kruger, ex officio
Erma Mantey
Harry Poehlmann
Karyn Sawyer
Leslie Scarpino
Phyllis Wise