The Discovery Concert 2023 Program Soundsational Science will explore some of the very best orchestral music ever written in a fun and interactive format featuring Music Director Michael Butterman and the wonderful musicians of the Boulder Phil.

Our Discovery Concert this year is IN PERSON! Join us as we explore curriculum-tied science concepts related to sound, the different families of instruments in the orchestra, and what happens in our brains when we listen to music.

Featured Artists and Composers

This season’s program will feature works by Bizet, Prokofiev, Tchaikovsky, Brahms, and Bach; along with the vibrancy brought to the orchestra by Mexican composer Arturo Márquez and Grammy-winning American composer Joan Tower. Join us for an exhilarating experience!

Facts About Sound

Sound Comes From Vibrations
These vibrations create sound waves which move through mediums such as air and water before reaching our ears. The speed of sound in air is around 767 miles per hour.

Ears Never Sleep
Our ears are still hearing 100% of the sounds around us when we are asleep, even if we’re not aware of it. It’s our brain that’s responsible for processing all the sounds around us and making sense of them.

The 2022-23 Discovery Program thanks the following sponsors for their support:

SeiSolo Foundation, SCFD, Boulder Arts Commission, and Eleanor and Harry Poehlmann. 

For more information contact Director of Education and Community Engagement Fernanda Nieto:

Discovery Concerts Through the Years

For over 10 years Boulder Philharmonic’s Discovery Concerts have taken students in grades 3-6 on a journey to explore orchestral music in a fun and interactive format. Students have attended a 50-minute performance during the school day designed to engage, inspire and enrich their love for music. Our concert program and educational curriculum are crafted to support the learning objectives of the National Coalition for Core Standards and the Colorado State Standards.

Previous Discovery Concert themes have explored a wide variety of topics: the connection between literacy and music, the intersection between music and visual arts, and how our emotions can be expressed with music. Throughout the years we have developed a comprehensive program that supports teachers in the classroom by providing them with a curriculum guide, several lesson plans, and a Spotify Playlist of repertoire. In preparation for the concert, teachers and students can also enjoy a visit from conductor Michael Butterman or one of our distinguished chamber ensembles. Every year we are proud to reach and connect with over 5,000 students and educators from across Boulder Country and beyond